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Ruth King

Ruth King is well known as the “Profit and Wealth Guru.” She is passionate about helping small business owners get profitable and stay profitable.

Ruth is a serial entrepreneur having owned 8 businesses in the past 37+ years. One of her businesses, Business Ventures Corporation, began operations in 1981. Through Business Ventures, she coaches, trains, and helps contractors and others achieve the business growth and goals they want to achieve.

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Ruth’s New Financially Fit  Business Program Is Now Open

Your Financially Fit Contracting business strategy and how to profit from it (or ignore it and get left behind).

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Ruth’s Books

Truth About Managing People
Truth About Small Business

The 37 Books You Should Read To Run A Successful Startup

Ruth’s books “The Courage to be Profitable” and “The Ugly Truth about Cash” were named 2 of the 37 books all start ups should read. The British based online publication of Fupping published the list.

Check it out!

How to Discover if your Financial Statements are Wrong in Less than a Minute.

You’ll want to give a copy to all of your managers.

What a terrific book. Easy to read, easy to digest, easy to remember, yet packed with powerful lessons and reminders of what we often know to be true, but at times don’t practice.

– Jan Dahlin Geiger – Amazon 5 Star Review for “The Ugly Truth about Managing People”

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March 5, 2024

10 Dumb Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Miami, Florida

March 12, 2024

FRACCA – Rocket Your Profits

Orlando, Florida

March 13, 2024

ACCA – 7 Steps to a Financially Fit Business

Orlando, Florida

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